Squash 57 (Racketball)

Squash 57 (formerly known as Racketball) is one of the fastest growing racket sports in the UK.

Compared to squash, the ball is bigger and bouncier (and you don’t have to warm it up!) and the rackets have a much bigger head area. If you are looking for a cardio work-out, squash 57 is ideal for you, as the rallies can last much longer than a squash rally, while still having a good intensity!

As a sport, Racketball is particularly popular with people taking up racket sports for the first time as it is easy to learn and fun to play. Many older squash players take it up as it is easier on the body and can prolong your playing life.

At Forthill Squash Club, we have some racketball rackets and balls that you can borrow to play this form of squash.  It is great fun!  The rules are similar to squash. There is information on our noticeboard at the club on how to play.

Rules of Squash 57 (Racketball)