Forthill Leagues

At Forthill Squash club we run 9 internal mixed club leagues from beginners through to more experienced players. All members are welcome to join these leagues, simply contact a member of the committee to be added (or removed) from the leagues.

League games can be arranged via Sporty HQ and matches are to be played within the stated timeframe. Scores are recorded on Sporty HQ by either player once the match has finished. Matches are played to 15 and best of 5 games and the point system is explained on Sporty HQ, should you need help.

Forthill Squash Teams

In addition to the internal leagues, we have four mens and two ladies teams which compete in the Dundee & District Squash Rackets League covering Tayside & Fife. If you wish to get involved in the team games, please contact one of the team captains.

Squash Club night

We are currently running a club night every Sunday from 4-6pm. Turn up with a smile and a racket (we have plenty of rackets to borrow if you don’t have your own) and ask anyone who is sitting about if they fancy a game. Visitors welcome for a small contribution.

I started playing squash at Forthill 41 years ago when my 3rd son was one. No coaching, very little time to spare for sport and 3 young children, I started playing and immediately loved the game. The game only lasted an hour, then I  returned to a busy household, exhausted and exhilarated. I joined the Buddies team and have played for them, meeting loads of teams around Tayside, for nearly 40 years. My fourth baby didn’t stop me. She sat in her pram at the back of the court listening to the thwack of the ball off the walls.

I still play for Buddies Forthill and although there are fewer teams in the DDRSA league, we still have fun. I’m 70 in a few days and still love the game. You’re never too old as long as you maintain your fitness. I’m a coach at Forthill and love seeing the little ones come along to learn the game. Our family have a “PARKY” tournament every year where 3 generations play the game. My third son and 2 of his children now play at  Forthill. Let’s hope I can watch them flourish and enjoy this amazing game.