Forthill Squash Facilities

The Squash Courts

At Forthill Squash Club, we have 3 courts including a glass backed court with seated gallery.

The courts are well maintained and have recently been painted, the floor has been replaced on court 1 and the lighting is up to Scottish Squash standards. All the courts operate on a timed light system and the heating is set to an ambient 18C – for those who like it a little warmer thankfully there is a push button system to give an extra boost of heat on the colder months. Full instructions on lighting and heating found below.

The male and female separate changing facilities and lavatories have recently been upgraded. There is parking available outside the courts at no extra cost.

The club house is a newly refurbished, there is a comfortable bar and lounge area on site. Drinks can be enjoyed socially in the bar or brought over to the courts if necessary. The bar area can also be hired for private functions.

Squash Club of the Year 2019

Book a Court

Court bookings are in 45 minute slots – please ensure you cancel unwanted slots so that other members can use these. To ensure fairness a non-member can use a court if it is empty at the start of the booking slot and therefore to avoid this scenario please make sure you are on time for your court booking.

Court Light Meters

Courts are lit via a fully automated system, switched on either via a coin token (for non-members) or a smart card available to all members.

Use of the smart cards is relatively straightforward. There are instructions on the court noticeboard.  The one thing to note is that there is a brief delay of 10 seconds before pressing the blue button and the lights coming on.

Terms and conditions of the smart cards:

  1. Members must use the court booking system on SportyHQ.
  2. Your membership is personal to you and you cannot transfer it to another person. You must not lend your smart card to another person. To protect all of our members, we may ask to see another form of identification. Your membership may be suspended if, with your knowledge or permission, another person uses your smart card.
  3. Smart cards only provide free squash for matches between members. Members can play matches with guests at a cost of £7 but this must be logged on SportyHQ and you must either put the money collected in an envelope in the mailbox clearly marked who it is from or, transfer the money online using the name as a reference. It is the member’s responsibility to collect payment from guests. If this guest subsequently joins then you will not be billed for this match. Your membership may be suspended if you play with a guest without declaring this via SportyHQ.
  4. The smart cards must be returned upon cancellation of membership.
  5. There will be a fee of £50 for the replacement of lost or stolen smart cards.

Court Heating

Court heating is managed via a thermostat system which is set for optimum ambient conditions within the building at peak times. If you require extra heating, the instructions can be found on the wall beside each court.

Forthill Door System and Security

To keep our facilities secure, we currently operate a secure pin and entry system, when you sign up as a member you will receive your own unique entry code for the door and a pre-credited card for the court lights to enable you to switch them on.

See Forthill Squash Club Rules for more information.

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